Why Choose Us?

Established History
We have been in business since 1989. Besides giving us a good base of experience, this gives us the depth and strength to be here in the future when you need us for back-order transcripts and follow-up work.

Knowledge and Experience
Collectively, our team has a broad base of experience–experience you can count on to deliver high quality results.

Multiple Offices
With six office locations spread across the South Central Ontario Region, you and your clients usually have less distance to travel.

Well Appointed Offices
We are not a “kitchen table” operation. Our offices represent a professional and comfortable environment where work gets done.

Adaptable – Your Place or Ours
While we pride ourselves on our office environment, we are more than happy to work in your office or other locations. A small mileage charge will be applied from our nearest office.

We can provide a full range of reporting services, including court reporting, examinations, discoveries, hearings, arbitrations, and general business meetings.

Service Above All
We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service in a professional manner and doing what it takes to get the job done right: today and tomorrow.

…and we do all this at industry standard rates.